Building with Moodle Plus

Building with Moodle Plus

This course follows on from our Building with Moodle basics course and presents further Moodle tools that can be used to create effective online training courses. The course is asynchronous – it does not run in real time so you are free to work each day in a time that suits you. The course includes:

  • Using the wiki tool to create collaborative team building activities.
  • Using the glossary tool to create and manage lists of resources that participants help to build as part of a course.
  • Using the database tool to create, maintain and search a collection of records or entries.
  • Using the chat tool to enables participants to have text-based, real-time synchronous discussions during a course.
  • Using the lesson tool to create branching scenarios so participants can choose their own path through a learning exercise.
  • Using the workshop tool to manage peer review of an activity.
  • Using blocks to add further content in a Moodle course
  • Creating a certificate of completion for a course using the Custom Certificate plugin.
  • Authenticating, enrolling and creating self-enrollment keys for participants.
  • Backing-up, restoring, copying and resetting a course.

Course Requirements

  • Completed the course Building with Moodle Basics
  • Intermediate computer skills.
  • Up-to-date computer.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • 3-8 hours per week over 3 weeks. Actual time depends on your IT skills and learning speed. Able to complete tasks and assignments by required times each week.
  • Commitment to learn, engage in online discussions and complete assignments.

This course is still being built. If you are interested please sign up for our email newsletter so we can let you know when the course is ready to run.