When we are deeply involved in an activity it’s hard to be able to step back and assess how we are going.  When we are “giving it all we’ve got” we can lose sight of our long term goals.  Sports people hire coaches to help them train well and reach their goals.

Now you can have a coach to help you learn a new language and culture. A coach is someone who can give you advice, encourage you, help you to plan for your goals and then hold you accountable to your plan.

Peter Moore has been working as a language and culture learning coach for more than fifteen years and he has a wealth of experience.  He has learned a foreign language and culture himself and is able to empathise with what that involves.  Peter also works with other coaches at an international level to develop the field of language and culture coaching and to provide effective training for learners.

Effective coaching needs to done on a consistent and regular basis. We recommend a coaching session every 1-3 months.  Coaching can be done face-to-face (in Sydney) or online.

Image by Malachi Witt from Pixabay