Language Learning Foundations

This is a series of modules designed to help new (or not so new) language and culture learners.  Each module can be taken independently of the other modules.  The goal of these courses is to give you a foundation of knowledge and skills to be a successful language and culture learner.  These courses are useful for all learners whether they be in a language school, working with a tutor or an independent learner.  The module topics are:

  • Setting Goals and Making plans
  • Learner Variables
  • Learning Culture and Worldview 
  • The Older Learner
  • Language and Learning
  • Techniques and Strategies
  • Language Assessment

Comments from previous participants

I appreciated the course. It has been particularly helpful for thinking through the value in assessing my current level (and how this is best done), and the merits of different study methods at different times.  I think there is a lot of merit in language students doing such a course before they start learning a language.

Jon, UK

I really enjoyed this course – even though I am not a beginning language learner I found the resources and activities really helped me to focus on my language learning goals and the steps that I need to take to get from here to there.

Sarah, Canada

This course or something similar should be an absolute requirement for those starting language study, no question.

Jonathan, USA

I am glad that I could follow this course at the beginning of my language study. I read all the opinions of the other participants and I learn from them that it is so important to keep focusing on the goal at hand. This course taught me how to make my plan and I really think I will use it for the future.  

Willemien, Holland

Image by Danish Hazimi Fahrurrazi from Pixabay