Our goal is to develop effective ‘intercultural communicators’.  We provide up-to-date training and resources for people who are committed to improving their ‘cultural intelligence’ by learning another culture and language.  We have more than twenty years of experience in providing high quality training events, coaching and resources.

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Our courses are all provided as online eLearning modules.  These modules provide teaching content as well as interactive activities to get you involved.  Most of our courses are offered to groups of participants so you also have the opportunity to interact with others in online forums and activities.

Online course modules are offered over a period of one to two weeks and in that time you are free to work at your own pace and according to your schedule.  If you fall behind then you can apply for an extension to the course.

We have chosen the Moodle  online classroom platform since it is reliable, easy to use and is used by many other training institutions.  Our online classroom can be accessed from your computer, smart phone or tablet.  If you have never taken online learning before then don’t worry – it doesn’t take long to get used to this new technology.

Course outlines are available under ‘courses’ on the menu above.