The Living in China Orientation Course

So you’re moving to China (or maybe you’re already here)! 

Do you need help in getting settled? 

Do you need to know where to go to get the things you need?

The “Living in China Orientation Course” has been designed for you! We have been running this live workshop for over 10 years and it’s now been adapted to an interactive online eLearning course.  The presenters (Peter & Janelle Moore) have been living in China for 20 years and have lots of experience in helping new arrivals like you.  The course is packed full of helpful information about surviving and thriving in China.

This online course uses video podcasts, readings, forums and interactive scenarios where you get to use what you have learned to solve real life problems.  The course includes an online meeting* with the facilitator to ask further questions.

Topics include:

  • Money & banking
  • Visas and resident permits
  • Buying and preparing food
  • Shopping and bargaining
  • Medical issues
  • Culture stress
  • Coping with the climate
  • Basic Chinese culture
  • Families and raising children in China
  • Cultural conflicts

There are two ways to do this course:

(1) “The Living in China Orientation Course” can be run as a group course. Doing the course this way allows you to have interaction with other participants in the forums. If you have 5 or more people we can run the course for your group at anytime (enquire via the “Contact Us” page).  We can run this course on behalf of your organisation and you can be a co-facilitator with your group.  This allows you to get to know your people, but will greatly reduce your work load.

(2) “The Living in China Orientation Course” can be taken individually at anytime.  You can still ask questions and interact with the presenter.  Once you enrol you have 30 days to complete the course.

Time Requirements:

Approximately 12-15 hours.

Course Dates:

Individual courses available anytime

Groups – contact us if you have a group.


  • Individual: $50USD/320CNY
  • Your Group (5+ members): $35USD/220CNY
  • Payments can be made by Paypal, Alipay支付宝, WeChat 微信 or Bank Transfer

* The online meeting is by Skype, Vsee, WeChat or phone (phone cost is participants responsibility)