Setting Goals and Planning

Research shows that planning can make the difference between success and failure in any significant endeavour. Learning another language and culture should definitely be considered a “significant endeavour”.  Maybe you feel that you don’t need to make plans, work out steps or find resources, because you are going to a language school or you have a teacher or someone else should be doing all that for you, but experience shows the great value of taking responsibility for your own learning and a key part of this is knowing how to plan.  This flexible online course takes about six hours over a period of a week.  Within the week you are free to work in your own time.  The course is interactive and there are many opportunities for discussion with the presenter and other participants in the forums.  This course is the first in the Language & Culture Learning Foundations Course series.

Time Requirements:

Approximately 6 hours over 1 week


$25USD/160CNY – Payments can be made by Paypal, Alipay支付宝 or Bank Transfer

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