Learner Variables

We are all unique and this means that we learn in different ways.  We preferentially take in and process information in different ways: by seeing and hearing, reflecting and acting, reasoning logically and intuitively, analysing and visualising, steadily and in fits and starts.

Understanding ourselves as a language and culture learner is a strategic step towards our success.  This course looks at the following ways that we have our own individual learning style:

  • Aptitude
  • Attitudes
  • Analytical and Relational styles
  • Visual, Auditory and Tactile
  • Fast and slow pace
  • Personality
  • Motivation

This flexible online course takes about 12 hours over a period of two weeks.  Within that time you are free to work at your own pace.  The course is interactive and there are many opportunities for discussion with the presenter and other participants in the forums.  This course is the second in our Language & Culture Learning Foundations Course.

Time Requirements:

Approximately 12 hours over 2 weeks

Course Dates:

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