Culture and Worldview

Culture refers to the common ideas, feelings, and values that guide community and personal behavior, that organize and regulate what the group thinks, feels, and does about God, the world and humanity.

(Sherwood Lingenfelter)

Culture is what defines a group of people and sets them apart from others. Language is the way that culture is expressed.  Many of us go to great lengths to learn the language of the people we want to work with, but we often ignore the other parts of culture – we assume that we will just “pick it up” as we go along, but sadly this often doesn’t happen.

This course will equip you with some background knowledge and tools to go about the task of learning culture and worldview at the same time as you learn language.  This course includes the following:

  • Definitions of culture and worldview and the relationship between them
  • A framework for understanding cultural proficiency
  • The concept of communication and what it means to be an effective communicator
  • A profile of an Interculturally Effective Person (IEP)
  • Contextualisation
  • Culture Assignments and other tools for learning culture and worldview

Time Requirements:

Approximately 10 hours over 1 week

Course Dates:

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