Peter Moore is from Australia and moved to China with his family in 1993.  He was the co-founder of Southcloud Chinese Language Program and the CLAW Learning Resource Centre.   Peter has been working as a culture and language learning consultant for over ten years providing language and culture learning workshops as well as individual coaching to learners.  Peter is on the organising committee of the Asian Congress on Language Learning as well as the China Hanpei Association.  He has been one of the trainers of the Wheaton College ICCT Language Coach Workshop.  Peter has a Master of Applied Linguistics from Monash University, Australia.  Peter is the director of Compass Learning Services as well as one of the course designers and teachers.

Martin Symonds is the author of “Chinese Made Easier”, a very popular textbook series for learning mandarin Chinese.  Martin has more than thirty years of experience in Asia and has travelled extensively throughout China assisting learners, language schools and providing teacher training.  He is the founder of the China Hanpei Association which provides a forum for language programs throughout China to co-operate and share ideas.   Martin is one of our course designers.

Janelle Moore is also from Australia and has also been living in China since 1993.  Janelle has been involved in coaching and asssessing language learners since 2000.  She is a SOPI Chinese speaking test rater, certified by the Center of Applied Linguistics – Georgetown University, USA. She trains and prepares Chinese raters for certification.  Janelle has presented at the Wheaton College ICCT Language Coach Workshop on the topic of “Oral Assessments”.  Janelle is married to Peter and they have three children who have grown up in China.

Other Contributors – We want to thank Lonna Dickerson, Carol Orwig and David Broersma who have been presenting the Language Coach Workshop for over ten years.   A lot of the ideas for the foundations course come from the Language Coach Workshop (run by the Institute of Cross-Cultural Training – Wheaton College).  They have graciously allowed us to use their ideas and materials.

We also want to thank Priscilla Luming, Dwight Graddin, Greg Thomson and Reid Wilson who have all contributed materials for these courses.