Payment Options


You can pay us through the “Paypal” system in USD or AUD by sending the payment to tazcon(at)me(dot)com

Please include a comment telling us your full name and the course you are paying for.  This is normally the best option for paying for courses.

Please note that we are a business operating in China.  It’s not practical for us to accept payments from foreign bank accounts because the fees involved are more than the cost of our courses.  It is possible to pay from a credit-card through the Paypal system – but you will need to have a Paypal account.


We will send you an ordinary receipt (收据) after you have paid if you request it.  These are an electronic “pdf” sent to you by email.    Note that these receipts are issued in our company name which is Kunming Tasman Consulting Co., Ltd.


A refund of your fee (less any expenses we incur) can only be claimed if you withdraw from a course, by email, before the registration deadline.  We will exchange damaged or incomplete printed books, but do not provide refunds for change of mind.  We do not provide refunds for eBooks.

Other Payment Options for within China

Bank Transfer

Funds in Chinese Yuan (CNY) can be transferred through the bank to our Bank of China Account.  Most banks in China should be able to handle this.  You can make the transfer at a branch counter, via internet banking or at an ATM machine.  Please make sure that any fees involved are charged to your account.  Our bank account details are below:

中国银行 昆明市西山支行营业部


账号: 6217852700000874147

After making a transfer please send an email to tazcon(at)me(dot)com  and let us know the date you actually made the transfer.  We need this information to confirm your payment.

Alipay 支付宝

You can pay in CNY through the China “Alipay” (支付宝) system.  The account is tazcon(at)me(dot)com and the name is PETER JOHN MOORE.  Please include a comment with your full name and the course you are paying for.

WeChat 微信

You can pay through the WeChat Wallet “Send Funds” option.  You first need to add us as a friend and have us accept you.  Our WeChat ID is compasls  Please send an email if we don’t respond quickly to your friend request.